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Val’s love of her trees is reflected in her art

Val Manchuk is a Contemporary
Landscape Artist
living and painting
​in Rural Alberta
Val Manchuk has lived in Alberta, Canada for most of her life. Val and her husband Ed live in a chalet style country home they built in 2003.

My paintings are my impressions of what I see around me. I enjoy the combinations of brush and palette knife, of texture, of colour.

“Before we bought our acreage it was a cow pasture. Only a handful of trees remained. It’s been wonderful to see the new ones come up so healthy and strong. I love to walk through the woods and peer into them, especially at twilight. They create a mysterious mood with light and dark and ever-changing colours. And when there is a breeze the leaves shake and rustle as if they are whispering. It’s as though the trees have a secret, and that is what inspires me to create on my canvas.”

“I do not recall a time when I did not love art.  Retirement gave me the opportunity to resume painting in 2011, after a sixteen-year hiatus.”

Val’s love of her trees is reflected in her art. Rich, vibrant aspen landscapes, painted with bold acrylics in a loose, semi-abstract, impressionistic style are trademarks of her art.


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[email protected]

PO Box 836
​Redwater, AB  T0A 2W0

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